Tokyo - 1939

 Classical katas

The Jikishin Kage-ryu Kenjutsu style has many katas (practicing forms), which are from the era of Yamada Heizaemon and his son, Naganuma Kunisato Shirozaemon. These are as follows:

Hojo (法定)
The most typical kata of our style, which we practice in two kinds of ways. These versions are the Shinbukan and the Naganuma-ha.
01 Hasso Happa 八相発破
02 Itto Ryodan 一刀両断
03 Uten Saten 右転左転
04 Chotan Ichimi 長短一味

Fukuro Shinai No Kata (韜の型)
It is a very special form which originally consists of 14 parts. We practise them with 5 and 9 forms too. The fukuro aka bamboo sword with bag is the ancestor of today’s shinai.
01 一本目 Ryubi Hidari 龍尾 左
02 二本目 Ryubi Migi 龍尾 右
03 三本目 Omokage Hidari 面影 左
04 四本目 Omokage Migi 面影 右
05 五本目 Teppa 鉄破
06 六本目 Teppa 鉄破
07 七本目 Teppa 鉄破
08 八本目 Teppa 鉄破
09 九本目 Matsukaze Hidari 松風 左
10 十本目 Matsukaze Migi 松風 右
11 十一本目 Hayafune Hidari 早船 左
12 十二本目 Hayafune Migi 早船 右
13 十三本目 Kyoku-Shaku 曲尺
14 十四本目 Enren 圓連

Kodachi (小太刀)
The kodachi is the short sword of the samurai. It is specially typify our style, that we hold the grip with two hands. It appears also in this form of practice. We parctice the Naganuma-ha and the Shinbukan variation too.
01 一本目 Husei 風勢 
02 二本目 Suisei 水勢 
03 三本目 Kissaki Kaeshi 切先返  
04 四本目 Tsuba-Tori (Chakin-Fukusa ) 鍔取(茶巾袱紗)
05 五本目 Toppi-Ouhi 突非押非 
06 六本目 Enkai 圓快 

Koryu (古流)
The koryu ("old style") kata is the old version of Hojo which is practised by Naganuma-ha. In this form practicing - before of Hojo – we let constantly the Summer and the Autumn part fade into each other. To this refers the listing too. This kata has also an older version called ("Oh Koryu"). The other name of this form is "Habiki" (刃挽), because originally you have to achieve this kata with an edgeless sword ("habiki").
01 Hasso Happa 八相発破
02-03 Itto Ryodan / Uten Saten 一刀両断 /右転左転
04 Chotan Ichimi 長短一味

Maruhashi (丸橋)
The last and the most difficult classic kata, which was totally classified for many centuries. This is the most complicated master kata, which is characterized by sophisticated movements and difficult kiai exercises. While it seems for an ordinary observer, that nothing happens.

Oh Koryu (古流)
The oldest version of "Koryu" kata according to the Naganuma school.

Saya no Uchi (鞘の内)
Our style has originally 54 traditional "Iai" forms of practicing. Unfortunately some of them not have survived. Naganuma-ha preserved the forms that lasted.