Tokyo - 1939

 Conceptions of Jikishin Kage-ryu

"When two blades meet, there's no room for escaping.
Move calmly, as the flower of the lotus is blooming,
in the middle of howling passions,
powerful thrust your sword into the heavens."
(Tozan monk)

1. Strategy
The art of the sword can not be learned only by learning the pure techniques, it is important to use your intelligence, and build up a strategy.
First choose the weapon you can use the best in the given situation. Never stuck at one weapon. Use a katana (long sword) if possible, use the wakizashit (short sword) if needed, and use both if that situation comes.
When blockin an attack, you will be only successfull if you have the right rythm. In Jikishin Kage-ryu the inner timing, adapting to the movements of the enemy, and "shadowing", anticipating and pretending them is the most important. It all depends on your inner timing. If you posess this ability, than you can escape the attacks, and your counterattac will be undefendable. You can develop and expand this ability through training.
If you develop the rythm, and you can adopt to the tempo of your enemy, you can hide your will into the "shadow" of your mind. If you can hide your intentions, and can find out the enemys', you will be the winner of your combat.

2. Stance
When standig up to fight with your opponent, your posture of your body will talk instead of you. Your body has to reflect your ultimate determination, spirit, and the balance and calmness in you. Alwasy strive to perfect your stance when practising. You have to achieve a rock hard balance. Don't show your enemy any weak points.

3. The look
We include any kind of vision in this category. Don't just see your opponent, but sense him, and everything arond the both of you. Watch out for anything that can help you, or set you back in your battle. If you lose your concentration, you will lose rythm, and you will find yourself in disadvantage. This can be fatal. Always keep your sight forward, look somewhere behind the eyes of your opponent. Don't let him find out your intentions by the movements of your eyes.
In Jikishin Kage-ryu kenjutsu, the true intentions are always in the "shadows". You have to hide yours, but you have to expose the opponents'. This is the essence of our school.

4. Techniques
You have to be opened, to take in the teachings of your sensei. This is the only way to become a master yourself. During practise, you have to belive in the effectiveness of the techniques. But using them effectively is only up to you. This can be achieevd through practise. Don't leave any day behind you without practise.

(László Kehidai)